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Blood orange marmalade: the preserve with an all-Sicilian flavour

marmellata di arance

Today we take you to our wonderful island to show you a mouth-watering recipe: Sicilian blood orange marmalade (with zest), a must-have preserve in your pantry. The zests are that extra touch, giving it an unmistakable flavour. You can make this recipe with a variety of oranges of your choice, including Sanguinello, Tarocco and Moro, as long as the pulp is naturally red.

The flavour will be strong and the texture juicy and sweet. Let’s talk about ingredients.

To make your Sicilian blood orange marmalade you will only need 2 ingredients: 1 kg of blood oranges and 700 g of sugar.

Start by putting aside 2 whole oranges. Be sure to wash them very well. Peel the other oranges and remove any seeds before cutting them into small pieces.

Also cut the oranges with zest into small pieces. Combine both the chopped oranges and the oranges with zest in a large saucepan with the sugar and cook over a low flame for 45 minutes. Remember to stir occasionally. Cook until the marmalade is well set and not runny. Using an immersion blender, blend the jam until it has the consistency you like.

Finally, pour the hot jam into the jars, seal immediately and leave to cool.

Are you ready to enjoy your homemade blood orange marmalade? If made with organic Sicilian blood oranges and even better 😉
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