Blood oranges: learn all about their properties and all the different types

With its unique flavour, inebriating scent and numerous nutritional properties, the blood orange is not only delicious, but also good for your health. It can be enjoyed at any time of day and is recommended for both adults and children. Our blood oranges are grown in the fields of Francofonte, where there are historic citrus groves dating back to 1850. They are a strictly organic product, complete with IGP certification, which emphasises their provenance. They grow on the slopes of Mt. Etna and get their colour from the proximity of the volcano and the unique and very special climatic conditions it creates in the area.

Blood oranges are not only delicious, but also healthy and nutritious

Blood oranges are beautiful on the outside and exquisite inside! From the Tarocco to the Moro, not forgetting the Sanguinello, every type of blood orange boasts qualities that make it a particularly popular product, as delicious as it is healthy.

Blood Oranges Tarocco

The healthy orange

With its numerous beneficial and nutritional properties, it is an undisputed combination of energy and antioxidants, a pure concentrate of vitamins C, A, B1 and B2. It is listed among the foods recommended to reduce the risk of cancer, as well as being a great pick-me-up for both children and adults

40% more Vitamin C

Compared to oranges harvested elsewhere, the Tarocco blood orange from Francofonte contains 40% more vitamin C

No pips

It is characterised by its juicy pulp, bright colour, with reddish hues, as well as its total lack of pips

A balanced taste

Its taste is as intense as it is well-balanced, thanks to the perfect balance between sweetness and acidity

For those on a diet

Perfect for the figure, it contains very little fat. This is also why it is excellent for those who are following a specific dietary regime

Packed with minerals

Every single slice is packed with minerals that are good for your health, including calcium, phosphorus, potassium, iron and selenium

In our production also:

Blood Oranges Moro

When fully ripe it has an entirely red pulp
The peel is orange with intense red gradations on one side
It is very juicy with a high concentration of vitamins and mineral salts
It ripens early: it starts to ripen as early as December
It has a slightly oval shape

Blood Oranges Sanguinella

It has a reddish pulp
The peel is dark orange
It has a slightly elongated shape and is the smallest of all oranges
It has a strong, slightly sugary taste with sweet and sour notes
It begins to ripen in February

Naturally healthy



Blood oranges strengthen blood vessels, preventing capillary fragility and improving circulation. Among other things, this also means it is useful in the fight against cellulite. Moreover, blood oranges give you a feeling of fullness and help to break down fats.


Natural anti-infiammatory proprieties

For centuries, blood orange juice has been used to treat inflammation of the oral cavity such as gingivitis or stomatitis. Some studies have shown that it has antibacterial power and is effective in fighting colds and seasonal illnesses. Blood oranges also boost the immune system.


An everyday health supplement

Blood orange is particularly effective in the treatment of hypertension. The juice and pulp, moreover, are also useful for relieving migraine and headache and promoting healthy digestion. The combination of vitamin C and iron gives blood oranges anti-anaemic properties.



Every fruit is packed with goodness: blood oranges can even help prevent some cardiovascular diseases thanks to their combination of vitamin C and bioflavonoids, which are particularly important in preventing capillary fragility, and are also useful for improving the circulation of the blood in general.