Juicy news

Press release relating to the latest shipments.

UPDATE January 16thΒ 

Dear friends of Mammarancia,

The problems encountered in previous expeditions have receded.

The presence of some fruit in poor condition was caused by harvest areas where rainfall and drought were particularly extreme, accentuating the ripening process of the fruit. As always, we continue to work hard to provide you with the highest level of product, logistics and customer service. We can do this only thanks to your help.

Thanks again for your patience and collaboration: we all appreciate that!


Dear friends of Mammarancia,

I’m here to write a few words about the season we’re going through. We have been Sicilian producers of organic citrus fruit for 3 generations now, and we know that nature cannot be governed and standardized: it surprises us with each passing year!

Me, my family and the whole mammarancia team are deeply sorry for the result of the latest deliveries, which are not up to Mammarancia standards. We know the expectations of each customer when placing such orders on our website and we assure you that we are already working to understand the nature of these quality problems. We are implementing procedures that will allow further attention to all the steps of the supply chain. The problems of rotten fruit encountered these days can unfortunately be caused by countless problems and variables. We have therefore decided to further monitor any problems related to weather, transport and collection in the coming days, in order to minimize the quantity of product unsuitable for shipment. Unfortunately, every micro injury to the skin of the fruit, especially in the case of an organic product, with the typical temperature changes of the Sicilian climate, leads to a ripening process so fast as to make the citrus fruit rot in no time.

We work hard to provide an excellent product, a performing logistics service and a high level of customer support. Our high review score makes our team proud of their work and helps us build great and transparent trust in our customers.

Once again, we listen and respectfully accept your transparent and constructive feedback, whether positive or negative: it helps us to improve our product and our service day after day and to find solutions when deliveries are not satisfactory for our customers.

We thank you in advance for your understanding: Mammarancia will always be on your side.

Happy 2023!

– Carlo Sr., Carlo Jr., Graziella, Leonardo, Norma, Duilio, Enzo, Veronica e Mario. The Mammarancia Team.