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Why choose the Sicilian oranges?

With winter at our doorstep, it is important to consume more oranges, one of the most nutritious fruits for our body. The oranges are especially required to combat minor ailments caused by the change of season and temperature. Sicily, from the time of Arab domination, is a major producer of oranges.

Unfortunately, despite the abundance of oranges, we find an increasingly number of imported products on the shelves of our markets. In particular, the Spanish and Egyptian Navel oranges, which are entering the GDO market always more. However, these products undergo treatments with additives and preservatives which limit the damage due to the transport time and make the fruit visibly perfect but qualitatively less valid.

If you taste a fresh orange and then taste a transported and stored one, you would see that freshness and quality are compromised and even the appearance affected if any additive is used. These additives, in fact, being insoluble to water, are difficult to remove even after thorough washing. Thus, they manage to penetrate even within the pulp mutating all the organoleptic properties of the fruit.

The Italian law, in fact, while prohibiting the use of industrial substances for the preservation of fruit, it allows foreign oranges with preservatives entry into our markets. This is why at Mammarancia, we always recommend checking the provenance of oranges, especially noting the origins, which must be listed on the package by law.

The Mammarancia products have obtained the PGI certification and are 100% organic as well, grown in a natural way, without the use of synthetic chemicals. Thus, they maintain all the properties that have made our blood oranges a unique product in the world. Our oranges, grown in Francofonte, thanks to the climate and characteristics of the land, contain 40% of vitamin C more than the other fruits. We bring a genuine product on the tables and we are proud of that, especially with regard to the quality of our land.

Choose the Sicilian oranges: bring a good and healthy product on your table and you will do good for the economy of your country.