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Why buy oranges online ?

The e-commerce and, in general, online purchases represent an increasingly growing market. According to a study by Coldiretti about 37% of Italians will shop on the Internet. Besides, the convenience is obvious: you buy from home, you get promotions often more affordable than traditional commerce and the product is sent anywhere.

Many users, however, have the perception of being able to make the best use of e-commerce only for purchasing electronic products or coupons to spend in restaurants. But it is not so.

The online purchase of food, especially organic and quality food, is a growing trend also in Italy. So, why buy oranges online?

First, to be certain of their origin! Mammarancia guarantees that all the oranges you purchase come from Sicily – the land famous worldwide for its blood oranges: the most delicious (sweet) and healthiest (the Tarocco Blood Orange of Francofonte contains 40% of vitamin C more than the orange from elsewhere).

This way you will promote the economy of your country, which is constantly put to the test by oranges imported from other parts of Europe (despite the best orange groves are Italian).

Secondly, to ensure a quality product, selected according to criteria of excellence, fresh, safe and healthy! You can check the origin of Mammarancia oranges on this website: we have an interactive map that shows all the orange groves. Our oranges have the organic certification and are sent within just a few hours after the harvest. From the producer to the final consumer, without intermediaries while preserving the product’s freshness.

Finally, to enjoy the authentic flavour of Sicily anywhere in the world. No matter if you are in Milan, Berlin or Stockholm: you can always enjoy the flavour of the island of the sun thanks to authentic Sicilian oranges with certification PGI.

There is also convenience: discover all our offers and benefits of the “The more you buy, the more you save” system.