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Mammarancia is coming back!

While our Sicilian Blood Oranges were growing, we spent the last months around Italy to tell our story, made of quality and passion for our country. Did we meet somewhere?
The first destinations was EXPO MILANO 2015, one of the most important event of the year. During those days, thanks to Cluster BioMediterraneo we had the chance to let people (from all over the world) know something more about our Blood Oranges together with Consortium of Sicilian Blood Oranges PGI. We were there, among the hundreds of thousands of visitors!


Then, we moved to Roma, to support the Italian National Team of Shuttlecock during the 8th World Shuttlecock Championship (Don’t you know anything about Shuttlecock? Click here!). Sport and Sicilian Blood Oranges are a perfect combo for a healthy and balanced life-style. That’s why we decided to support FISHU! During the Tournament, the Chinese National Team has conquered both male categories, while Vietnam has won the female category of Single and Mixed (3 vs 3).

Finally, we reached Rimini to partecipate at the MacFrut 2015, that rapresent a national and international landmark in agricoltural field.

What about now? We are waiting for giving you the authentic Blood Orange experience!