The best of our island, selected by us for you

Not just citrus. Sicily has so much good to offer! Our selection is a careful choice of products with a Sicilian taste and identity that we have chosen with care and attention, according to the criteria of excellence that guide our work....

In this way you will have the opportunity to discover all the facets of the true and genuine taste of Sicily. Try all the products of our selection: they are good, prepared with love, respecting the raw materials and the territory. It will be a journey through the flavors that you will not forget.

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Bio Blood Oranges Juice

250ml bottle of BIO Blood Oranges Juice. Our 100% organic Blood Oranges Juice is made from the best organic Moro and Tarocco oranges. Thanks to their high concentration of antioxidants and vitamin C, these oranges are a source of energy and well-being for your body. It is a 100% organic juice with a fresh and intense flavour that will make you feel as if you have just tasted the orange freshly picked from the tree.
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Bio Blood Orange Marmalade

260g jar of Organic Blood Orange Marmalade. All the freshness and aroma of real Sicilian oranges ready to spread. This organic marmalade is made with 120% blood oranges, guaranteeing an intense and authentic flavour. Rich in antioxidants, vitamin C and other nutrients, this organic marmalade is a source of energy and well-being for your body. From tree to jar.
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Blood Orange Body Oil

100ml of hand-made blood orange body oil. It is 70% extra virgin olive oil and 30% Sicilian blood orange essential oil, obtained by pressing the rind of blood oranges.
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Bio Orange Zagara Honey

Organic Orange Zagara Honey 300gr jar. An extremely versatile product, that adds surprising notes to every dish or drink. Ideal as part of a healthy breakfast, spread on bread or added to yogurt, milk or tea as a natural sweetener. Surprisingly good with aged and slightly spicy artisanal cheeses, such as caciocavallo, pecorino, and ricotta. A refined secret that will add flavour to your creams, smoothies, ice creams, semifreddos, and fillings. Moreover, Sicilian Orange Zagara honey is a very effective anti-inflammatory, rich in calcium and vitamins, and a treatment for insomnia and anxiety. Mammarancia and Solmielato, a partnership founded on excellence. The products in our online store have been carefully selected, based on criteria such as the naturalness of the product and the level of craftsmanship involved in their creation. Nothing but the best! We sell only the best local produce.
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Sicilian Wild Oregano

50gr of Sicilian wild Oregano. Bunch of dried Sicilian wild oregano. With a unique flavor, it is fragrant as if it has just been picked and is ready for the table, directly from our Francofonte hills. Handpicked and packaged with artisanal methods that guarantee the quality and persistence of the aroma over time. Its strong and intense aroma has made it the best dressing of tomato sauce. But it is thanks to its use as a pizza dressing that oregano is popular all over the world today.
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Bio Whole Sicilian Almonds in the Shell

500gr whole organic Sicilian almonds in shell. An integral part of Mediterranean cuisine, these almonds can be eaten at every meal or as a quick snack that can be enjoyed at any time. Almonds from Sicily, thanks to the Mediterranean climate and the volcanic soils, contain a higher percentage of essential oils, which gives them a unique taste and exceptional nutritional properties. The Sicilian almond has an extremely well-balanced taste and an intense aroma.
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Sicilian Pistachio Pesto

Sicilian Pistachio Pesto 190gr jar. Sciara Pistachio pesto reinterprets a classic of the Italian culinary tradition in a typically Brontese key. A versatile condiment, suitable for pasta first courses, tasty bruschetta, or delicious second courses. It can be used as a classic pesto, directly from the jar to the plate or to be enriched with sautéed onion, bacon and cooking cream to make a delicious Pistachio sauce. Simple and tasty ingredients make this artisan pesto unique: chopped pistachio, salt, oil, a pinch of pepper and nutmeg to make everything tastier. The 190 grams jar of our Pistachio Pesto is useful to make up to 6 portions of pasta.
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Sicilian Pistachio Peeled

100gr peeled Sicilian Pistachio in a jar. The shelled Sicilian Pistachio di Sciara is a 100% natural product, without any kind of addition. Pistacchio Siciliano di Sciara, in fact, is neither toasted nor salted, but is simply dried, shelled and stored in special temperature-controlled areas. The shelled Sicilian Pistachio Siciliano, with its unique and intense taste, does not require any toasting or addition of salt and is perfect for use in cooking and confectionery. The shelled Sicilian Pistachio Siciliano di Sciara is a simple, natural and healthy product to enjoy as a nutritious snack or to use as a precious ingredient in cooking. Once you have opened the jar, we recommend that you keep the peeled Sicilian Pistachio in the refrigerator inside the same jar. The 100 grams of our peeled Pistachio is suitable for air travel with hand luggage.
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Bio Olive Oil

22,90 99,00 
MONOCULTIVAR NOCELLARA ETNEA Zammara oil, an extra virgin olive oil of the Nocellara Etnea variety, comes from the Russo oil mill and is cold pressed: good, healthy and rich in beneficial properties for our body. Production year 2023-2024
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Amara – Blood Orange Bitter Liqueur

9,90 64,90 
Blood Orange Amara Liqueur – 30% vol. A natural bitters with a unique and intense zestfulness... Just like a Sicilian! Mediterranean fragrances from Mt. Etna, hot wind and blood oranges: a declaration of love for Sicily, to be savoured drop by drop.
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Customisable Bio Vegetables Box (5KG)

⚠️ Compose your  box with 10 trays of your favourite vegetables! Not only citrus fruits, when it comes to good produce from the earth, Sicily fears no comparison; for centuries, truly excellent vegetables have been produced throughout the territory. Note: Mammarancia’s box of organic vegetables and greens is active from Monday to Thursday of the same week and will be dispatched according to the calendar you can find here! 👉🏼 Important information THE MORE YOU BUY, THE MORE YOU SAVE: CLICK HERE!
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Artisan Easter Dove

24,90 29,90 
Our chocolate and pistachio-flavoured Easter Dove is an artisanal delicacy that will satisfy the most discerning palates, carefully crafted by master pastry chefs and patiently leavened to ensure its softness. The Dove is also glazed and enriched with orange candied fruit for an unforgettable taste experience. THE MORE YOU BUY, THE MORE YOU SAVE: CLICK HERE!
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Bio Sicilian Papaya

Available from May to November
Enjoy this tropical delicacy, grown with love in the heart of Sicily, and be won over by its sweet and juicy flavour. Bio Sicilian Papaya is the perfect fruit for those who want a unique and refreshing taste experience, without renouncing quality and authenticity. Thanks to organic cultivation, you can enjoy a papaya free of pesticides and chemical additives, respecting the environment and your health. Don't miss the opportunity to taste this exotic fruit grown in our beloved Sicilian land. THE MORE YOU BUY, THE MORE YOU SAVE: CLICK HERE! 😊 from 2 boxes, get 10% discount 😁 from 3 to 4 boxes, get 15% discount 😍 more than 5 boxes, get 20% discount
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Artisanal Pistachio Egg

Discover our delicious Artisanal Pistachio Egg, a unique and unforgettable taste experience. Handcrafted from the highest quality ingredients, this fine milk and dark chocolate egg (54% cocoa minimum) is covered with fine 35% pistachio granules, giving it a unique flavour. Weighing in at 300g, this artisanal product is the result of our pastry chefs' craftsmanship and careful selection of raw materials, to guarantee you a product of the highest quality and authentic flavour. THE MORE YOU BUY, THE MORE YOU SAVE: CLICK HERE!
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Bio Sicilian Vegetables

24,90 34,90 
This week’s Mammarancia organic vegetable and greens boxes contains: 2,5KG BOX
  • Courgette (500g)
  • Aubergine (500g)
  • Round Tomato (500g)
  • Cherry Tomato (500g)
  • Cucumber (500g)
  • Cucumber (500g)
  • Cherry Tomato (1KG)
  • Aubergine (1KG)
  • Grappolo Tomato (500g)
  • Round Tomato (1KG)
  • Courgette (1KG)
Note: Mammarancia’s box of organic vegetables and greens is active from Monday to Thursday of the same week and will be dispatched according to the calendar you can find here! 👉🏼 Important information THE MORE YOU BUY, THE MORE YOU SAVE: CLICK HERE!
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Sicilian Pistachio and Truffle Pesto

Sicilian Pistachio and Truffle Pesto 190gr jar. Pistachio and Truffle Pesto is a versatile condiment containing 60% pistachio and the irresistible flavour of black summer Truffles, characterised by a soft and delicate smell, almost comparable to the scent of mushrooms. Pistachio and Truffle Pesto is suitable for pasta dishes, tasty bruschettas or delicious second courses; it can be used as it is, straight from the jar to the plate, or it can be enriched with whatever your imagination suggests.
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