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Campionato Mondiale di Shuttlecock, Roma 2015

Mammarancia will support the Italian National Team of Shuttlecock during the 8th World Shuttlecock Championship, from 31 August to 5 September 2015, together with Federazione Italiana Shuttlecock. Sport and proper nutrition are the base for a healty and balanced life-style, that’s why we decided to support FISHU!

During the championships it will also launched the fundraising initiative “Kick poverty“, sponsored by the Federation in favor of Save the Children Italia Onlus and its international campaign “EveryOne” against malnutrition.

This ancient sport belongs to the family of badminton for the use of a flywheel as a tool to play and for the structure of the field, but is distinguished from this Olympic discipline since the flywheel can be launched solely with the feet (in a sort of “football-tennis”), touched with some parts of the body such as the chest, shoulders, head, but not with your hands. The goal is therefore to throw, dribble and juggle with the Shuttlecock avoiding it touches the ground.