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Harvesting Mammarancia Oranges

The oranges harvest in Sicily is not just a job, it’s a tradition, a passion;  it’s wait and energy drawn from nature. Here is a typical day in the countryside for the harvest of Mammarancia Sicilian blood oranges enjoying the sun, the green and the scent of the land.

The alarm goes off at 6 am, when the sun is still hidden and the subtle frost sparkles on the fruit still on the trees. The green, brown, red and orange of the land create an extraordinary spectacle.

Half an hour later, the group meets at the company, and it’s the beginning of the harvest. It’s time to get ready and set off for Contrada Fanusa, in Francofonte.

At 7, the embers are already crackling for heating the group up and for the breakfast, rich and abundant, made with black olives, meats and cheeses, pickles, toasted bread, and products of our tradition.

It’s all ready to start. Each peduncle is cut with care, each orange is picked with love, the baskets and boxes are full, the foreheads are perspiring, and the fatigue of the day is rewarded by the sight of the beautiful landscape and job satisfaction.

This is the Mammarancia oranges harvest, every year, with the same passion.

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