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“Rossella”, all the flavours of Sicily in a special chocolate bar!

If you’ve ever visited this complicated and suggestive land, you’ve probably promised of come back, bringing with yourself the memory of the flavours of this warm and welcoming island.
In Sicily, in the province of Ragusa, in a magical city that attracts thousands of visitors and now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it is a special treat that guards all the flavours and aromas of the south. It’s a homemade chocolate with a unique taste that was born in Modica, the Sabadì chocolate, awarded for 9 consecutive years with the Gold Bar. You can buy this raw, rough and grainy delicacy on Mammarancia online shop. Here we present it:
Its name is ROSSELLA, the Organic Modica chocolate with Sicilian Blood Oranges zests.
ROSSELLA is produced with an extraordinary selected cocoa from Ecuador, the Nacional fino de aroma Arriba Superior Summer Selected, to which the Sicilian blood orange zests (from the Sanguinello variety) are added, creating a unique combination of strong personality.

These pleasant contrasts are made combing organic raw materials from Slow Food and Fair Trade producers in respect of small indigenous communities, the environment and biodiversity. The ROSSELLA chocolate is gluten-free and also suitable for the vegan diet.
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