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Wearing with unwrap oranges

Bored to find the same clothes in the closet?

The collections in catwalk propose unrealistic clothes at the same cost of a small car?
Well, it’s time to evaluate the purchase of a beautiful orange skirt. In the sense that it is made precisely with scraps of the fruit. The fabric is called ‘Orange Fiber’: is environmentally friendly, resistant and releases on the skin the active ingredients of vitamins. To create it two girls from Catania, Adriana and Enrica, full of “stuff”. It all starts in the kitchen of an apartment occupied by two students in Milan offsite.

Adriana has thought about make money with the 700,000 tons of unwrap orange produced annually. She is studying fashion and was specializing in innovative materials. The girl involved Enrica and together they figured out how to extract the cellulose suitable for the spinning. Girls have verified the feasibility of the process with the Politecnico di Milano and have initiated the process of experimentation with the Department of Materials Chemistry. Then came the financing and start up.
The clothes are also good for the well-being because they release beneficial and non-invasive substances over the skin. The feeling is to have softer skin, after a shower or after a cream. Clothes do not grease and guarantee this feature for at least 20 washes. The testing phase will start soon.