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Mammarancia and AddioPizzo

The July 2, 2015 will always be remembered as a special date for Mammarancia. Let’s now part of the family of “Critical Consumption” of “AddioPizzo”, a network of companies that since 2004 has changed the vision and perspective of what can be called the moral and cultural rebirth of an entire region. We wanted to bring these values with us and with our Blood Oranges of Sicily, and we succeeded.

“Against the protection money changing consumption” is the name of the campaign as simple as it is brilliant that the committee “AddioPizzo” uses to invite consumer and critic that rewards the commitment and sacrifices of small business owners in combating the phenomenon of protection money.

The trademark certificate AddioPizzo aims at a virtuous development of the forces and realities that determinedly believe in the cultural, economic and social development of Sicily together with the excellent quality of its products, in compliance with the law, the principles of sustainability and the protection of environment. Agricultural production of Mammarancia reflects all these values of high quality with various certifications that attest to the significant presence of organic products in its portfolio.

We also we are proud of this ethical brand and distinctive mark that marks the Sicilian reality that, most of all, they can be locally and internationally the best for the promotion and development of our territory.

“The Mafia is not invincible; It is a human and like all human facts has a beginning and will also have an end. Rather, you have to realize that you can not win by claiming the heroism of unarmed citizens, but engaging in this battle all the forces of the best institutions.”

Giovanni Falcone