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Concentrated lemonade #mammacooking

The perfect recipe for Summer!

Lemonade is one of summer’s most refreshing drinks, and with this concentrated lemonade recipe, you’ll always have a delicious base on hand to make a thirst-quenching drink in minutes. 🌞🍋



  • Squeeze the fresh lemons until ½ litre of juice is obtained. Strain the juice to remove the seeds and pulp. 🥤
  • Add ½ kg sugar to the lemon juice. Stir patiently until the sugar has completely dissolved in the juice, creating a saturated solution. 🥄
  • Pour the lemon concentrate into jars or containers suitable for freezing. Freeze the concentrate to preserve it for a long time. ❄️

How to serve

When you want a refreshing lemonade, simply take a generous spoonful of the frozen concentrate and dilute it in a glass of cold water. Stir well and your lemonade is ready to enjoy! 🧊🍋

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