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Are Green or Partly Green Citrus Fruit Really Ripe?

Unravelling the Mystery of Colour – Are Green or Partly Green Citrus Fruit Really Ripe?

Have you ever received citrus fruit with a green tinge and thought that perhaps they were not ripe or even inedible? We are here to dispel a myth: the colour of citrus fruit peel is not an absolute indicator of their ripeness!

Oranges develop their characteristic orange colour due to the wide temperature range. However, in warmer locations, they can remain green even when they reach full ripeness. The greenness in fruit and vegetables is caused by chlorophyll. In fruits, such as Mammarancia citrus fruits, chlorophyll decreases or disappears if temperatures before harvest are low enough, undergoing significant variation between day and night. If temperatures are constant or too high, the fruit remains green.

In Sicily, we are enjoying mild temperatures, with highs of 28Β°C during the day and 16Β°C at night. That is why the citrus fruits you receive may have a slight green tinge – a sign of their natural ripening! In contrast, in supermarkets, citrus fruits undergo the process of de-greening, an aesthetic treatment with ethylene gas and controlled temperature, which makes them perfectly evenly coloured.

If you still have doubts about the ripeness of oranges, we give you further proof: the Brix degree. This indicator, measured in freshly picked oranges in our fields, is a tangible sign of their ripeness. The Brix grade is essentially the ratio of sugars to acids in the fruit, a crucial element in their distinctive flavour. But that’s not all: Brix also serves as an indicator to ensure that the oranges are ready to delight your senses.

Take a look at the photo showing the refractometer result on one of our Navel oranges. Its Brix grade is 13.5, an excellent level confirming an optimal state of ripeness. This intense sweetness is a guarantee for an extraordinary taste experience.

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