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Organic Feminello Lemons: A Guide to the Different Varieties

In this article, we will guide you through the different varieties of Mammarancia lemons and reveal the secrets of their seasonality and flavour.

Primofiore Lemon πŸ‹ – The Winter Delight

The first lemon variety we would like to introduce you to is the Primofiore lemon. These citrus fruits are available from January to mid-April and then again from mid-October to the end of December. Their particularity lies in the fact that they are harvested when they are still young, resulting in juicy flesh and an intensely fruity flavour. The Primofiore lemon offers a perfect balance between sweetness and acidity, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of culinary preparations. Its versatility makes it a must-have in the kitchen for true citrus fruit lovers.

Lemon Bianchetto πŸ‹ – The Symbol of Elegance

The Lemon Bianchetto is a true symbol of summer elegance. This exclusive variety is available from mid-April to mid-June and offers a unique sensory experience. Bianchetto lemons are known for their more delicate scent and flavour, their flattened round shape and a fascinating light yellow skin. These lemons are perfect for your most sophisticated culinary creations. Add a touch of elegance to your dishes with the fragrance and delicate flavour of the Limone Bianchetto.

Lemon Verdello πŸ‹ – The Vibrant Summer Taste

If you are looking for a vibrant summer taste, Limone Verdello is the perfect choice. This variety is available from June to October and offers a unique taste experience. The Verdello lemon is famous for its slightly tart flavour and bright green colour. These lemons have less juicy flesh than other varieties but are rich in essential oils that give them an extraordinary flavour. Add Verdello lemons to your summer recipes for a fresh and lively touch.

At Mammarancia, we strive to offer only the best of Sicilian citrus products. Our organic Femminello Lemons are grown with love and care, guaranteeing the highest quality and freshness.
Choose our lemons to enrich your recipes with the extraordinary taste of Sicilian citrus fruits. No matter if you prefer Primofiore Lemon, Bianchetto Lemon or Verdello Lemon; each of these varieties will give you an unforgettable culinary experience.