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Sicilian lemons are the best in the world: here’s why

Sicilian lemons are among the most popular products in the world and hide a centuries-old history, which begins with the Arab domination.

Sicilian lemons (known as Citrus limon) are the result of the cross between cedar and pomelo and are part of the Rutaceae family. The orange blossom, with its white color and intoxicating scent, is the flower from which the fruit originates, which has various colors of the skin, according to the season. In fact, it goes from the intense green of the Verdelli (available from June to October) to the bright yellow of the Primofiore (available from January to mid-April and from mid-October to the end of December).

Lemons, as already mentioned, arrived in Sicily thanks to the Arab domination but had their maximum diffusion starting from the 1600s, especially in the territory of Syracuse, thanks to the Jesuits. Over time, the growth in demand for the product all over the world allowed the birth of many citrus farms throughout the island.

Today, Sicilian lemons are considered the best in the world, with numerous beneficial properties for the whole body.

The Femminiello Siracusano, together with the Interdonato Messinese, is the most widespread (covering about ¼ of the national production) and known, produced in over 5,000 hectares of land, in Syracuse and its province alone: ​​it is no coincidence that the Femminiello are considered as the finest in Italy and are also used in the world of cosmetics.

Their color varies from green to bright yellow, according to the harvesting period, and their size is not excessive, in fact, it falls within the average.

They are perfect for giving a heady scent and intense taste to first and second courses, as well as baked and spoon desserts.

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