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Did you know that orange is an aphrodisiac fruit?

In February, Mammarancia celebrates the month of love. Valentine’s Day and Mammarancia’s birthday (21 February), remind us every year of the importance of love in relationships: with one’s family, with one’s partner and with the territory.

In this article we want to focus on love relationships between partners, to talk about the unexpected benefit that citrus fruits can give to the couple.

Fruit, in general, is one of the best known aphrodisiac foods. Strawberries, for example, contain a lot of nutrients, vitamins and minerals that make them one of the most aphrodisiac fruits around.

Among the nutrients, vitamin C makes an important contribution in making fruit an aphrodisiac food.

C vitamin? That’s right. For this reason it is impossible not to mention citrus fruits as another of the foods recognized as among the most aphrodisiacs

Vitamin C, in fact, facilitates blood flow and estrogen production.

To see clearly it was Salvador Dalì who began his amorous evenings with the Casanova Cocktail. How a Casanova Cocktail is made you may be wondering. We’ll tell you: 15 ml of Campari bitters, a tablespoon of ginger, 90 ml of brandy, a sprinkling of cayenne pepper and finally a delicious orange juice (one is enough. The cocktail should be served chilled so it is advisable to place it in the freezer half an hour before serving.

If you are alone, do not worry, it is still a good remedy for tiredness and excessive sobriety!