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TEST: what orange variety are you?

You are Mammarancia. Yes, of course, this seems to be one advertising slogan of the early years of this decade but, in fact, at the end of this short test you will understand that it’s a promise that we can keep. Because every person, every character has its reference orange. Of course, everyone has their own tastes, we, however, this time, we want to go beyond the palate, as well as the flavor. For this, we wear our coats and from psychologists propose a test, super-light, which will make finding your orange heart. Let it bet?

1. Which of these traits belong to you the most?

a. kindness

b. stubbornness

c. empathy

2. What do you put in your favorite cup when you need a break?

a. herbal tea or chamomile

b. an espresso

c. tea

3. Which of the following comes closest to your own kind Sunday?

a. at home, with your lover, preferably in the kitchen to do something good

b. a nice picnic on Mount Etna

c. something new: love surprises

4. Which of these colors do you prefer?

a. pastel

b. dark

c. clear

5. Which of these values ​​you feel closest to?

a. empathy

b. family

c. versatility

6. Your ideal person among them?

a. blonde and tanned

b. moro and green-eyed

c. brown Sicilian

7. How do you act in front of a difficulty or a challenge?

a. I try, with optimism

b. I struggle until I can’t get past them

c. If possible, I avoid them

8. If you had to choose a fruit that is not an orange which of these would you choose?

a. peach

b. Why? Are there other fruits besides oranges?

c. pineapple

Majority of A

Navelina Blonde

You’re sweet and kind, but with a temper that you take out if necessary. You’re an ambitious person, you hate to wait and you always clear what you want. They tend to smooth edges and you prefer the “soft relationships.” For this, the round and sweet taste of Navelina is probably what you want. Dear, but with sprint. Comets.

Majority of B


You are a person with deep roots: linked to values ​​such as family, and your land. You love the intense flavors, the heat of summer and the cold of winter. Odes between seasons, half-measures, the sentences in half and gray. Much better brilliant colors such as those that describe your life and also the deep red orange in your heart: a beautiful Sicilian dark. And who does not like?

Majority of C


You’re a very concrete and pragmatic person, down-to-earth. But most of you are very versatile. You have so many abilities and so many talents that you know to learn over time. You know adapt to any environment thanks to your empathy. Love the simple things like tarot Orange: seedless, easy to peel, good segments, in sweets, in seconds, to drink. Why prefer the challenges when things easy are also good?