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Mammarancia’s 9th birthday

Mammarancia turns 9! To celebrate it, we have launched Mammarancia B-DAYS from February 20th to 22nd: you can take benefit of 10% discount on the ENTIRE catalogue by using the promo-code MAMMA9! Moreover every 40€ spent you will receive a Blood Orange Juice for free!

🎁 Last but not least, Carlo would like to thank you 🧡

“Ciao friends of Mammarancia,
whether you are customers, suppliers, employees or just fans of our brand, these lines are for you. For you who, in these nine years of Mammarancia, have contributed to the growth of a project that goes beyond the mere sale of citrus fruits.

Mammarancia was born with a clear objective: to increase the perception of a product, around which revolve important values such as quality, tradition, origin and roots, and, above all, family. I come from a family of entrepreneurs who taught me one fundamental thing: before money, before the sale, before the individual shipment, always comes the person. And that is why Mammarancia is special: we are like a big family made up of people who roll up their sleeves every day because they believe in something bigger, in a vision. The human side of this brand.
And you are also part of the family: you prove it every day, just by what you write to us, by the photos you send us, by how much affection you show us even to simple Christmas wishes. And that’s why, almost like an anniversary, I want to write these words personally, thanking you.

Thank you to all those who wanted to try our service and product, trusting appearances, but most of all thank you to those who wanted to give us a second chance when mistakes were made: it is you who give me and my team every day the desire to put more and more passion into this work. And 3,000 + reviews prove that, in the end, it all makes sense.

But the most special thanks goes to my team: Veronica, Salvo, Norma, Nino, Michele, Maurizio, Massimo, Mario, Leonardo, Ilaria, Graziella, Giacomo, Fulvio, Enzo, Enea, Endri, Duilio, Dilan, Daniele, Daniel, Damiano, Corrado, Carmelo, Carlo JR, Andrea.

In these nine years I have learned more languages, by now I know a little German, Lithuanian, something Polish and French, so… Thank you, danke, ačiū, merci, gracias, dziękuję, mulțumesc. But most of all GRAZIE!


Happy birthday Mammarancia!