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The value of organic certification

As you already know, Mammarancia oranges are organic: it means that we fully exploit the natural soil fecundity through natural and special interventions, and we don’t use synthetic and genetically modified pesticides and products.

However, as regards the organic certification, we need to identify the distinctive and typical characteristic of organic agriculture that is the low environmental impact aiming to preserve the organic substance of the soil.

At Mammarancia, we offer fresh and natural products, not only in words but through exemplary dedication and doing concrete actions. Probably you may be wondering why organizations decide to obtain the organic certification?

The answer is simple: the aim of the organic certification is to protect our consumers, in Italy and everywhere. More specifically, the organic agriculture is a method which respects the human and animal  welfare, defends the environmental biodiversity and the areas diversification. It is a sustainability model designed to safeguard the environment and to enhance the local community resources quality, helping communities to face the global competition.

In order to become certified you must follow a long process through strict regulations, such as the controls on the entire chain of production and a rigorous verification process farmers must be absolutely be compliant to.

First, you need a conversion period of a minimum duration of two years before you can start producing agricultural goods that can be marketed as organic. At all times, every business operator (farmer, processor and distributor) may be subject to inspection at least once a year.

So it means sacrifices and more commitment, but also more investments that allow our customers to enjoy a really natural product, our organic oranges.

In conclusion, the organic certification means facing with a long and arduous process, but it also means attention, consciousness, love for the land and passion for its products; it means for us guaranteeing the offer, innovation, control, accuracy.