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Timilí Sicilian Red Ale, a one-of-a-kind beer

The Timilí Beer is a one-of-a-kind Sicilian craft beer that was born in the heart of Sicily, from the ancient Timilia grain (Tumminia in Sicilian dialect) and the wise use of malts and local spices of high quality.
The Timilì beer is produced in the Timilia brewery of Fiorenza family, one of the biggest factories of Sicily close to the sea, a few kilometers from the historical center of the Baroque Catania, the volcano Etna, UNESCO World Heritage and the beautiful Taormina, pearl of the Mediterranean.

At the factory, the master brewers produce these extraordinary beers with creativity and imagination. The Sicilian Red Ale for example, is produced with the addition of Blood Oranges of Sicily which creates a spicy aftertaste that brings out unique and delicate notes.
This amber beer, intensive and structured on the palate, with a white and velvety foam, is best tasted with traditional Sicilian dishes and it’s perfect with seasoned local cheese. We recommend serving at a temperature of 8°, to deeply appreciate all its organoleptic properties.

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