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Tangerine peel: a cure-all for health

Mandarin is one of the most loved fruits, thanks to its sweet and succulent taste, and

In reality, few people know that even the peel has beneficial properties for the
body. It is no coincidence that the cosmetic industry uses its essential oils
to create fragrances and body care products.

Consequently,throwing away the tangerine peel is a real mistake, considering the benefits it
can provide to the body.

In the case of bronchitis, for example, just leave two tablespoons of mandarin zest in
an infusion in boiling water. Drinking this decoction three times a day will
help eliminate this disorder faster.

For coughs, however, dried tangerine peel can be a valid solution to the problem.
In fact, just put two tablespoons of tangerine peel into a cup of boiling water
and leave the mixture to rest (in a cool place) for a week. After that, it will
be necessary to filter everything, with the help of a strainer, and add 20
drops of concentrate in a glass of water, three times a day.

If, on the other hand, the problem is linked to digestive difficulties, it can be
solved with the aid of dried zest and, subsequently, pulverized mandarin. In
this way, you can flavor the dishes, while managing to solve this problem.