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Sicilian Pistachio Cream


Sicilian Pistachio Cream 190gr jar.

From an artisanal process, free of preservatives and dyes, a delicious and delicate spreadable cream is born. An exquisite Pistachio cream in a practical 190 gr jar. Excellent on bread and perfect for filling cakes, crepes and for breakfasts full of flavor! A little Sicilian jewel capable of embellishing every snack or delighting every end of a meal. Ready, practical and spreadable. An indispensable product for every pistachio lover: artisan quality, unique and genuine taste.

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Sicilian Etna-Mango

12,90 44,90 
Organically grown on the slopes of Mount Etna in volcanic soil rich in natural trace elements, the Etna-Mango is a fruit with exceptional characteristics and a very sweet taste. Thanks to the climatic conditions and the soil in which it is grown, the Sicilian mango has unique properties and characteristics. Try it for yourself, you can make smoothies, fruit salads and Indian curries with it. The mango quickly becomes the undisputed star of any dish, be it sweet, savoury, hot or cold.
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Sicilian Avocado

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Grown on the slopes of Mount Etna on a volcanic soil rich in natural microelements, the Sicilian Avocado is the best for its intense flavor and rich and creamy pulp. Thanks to the climatic conditions and the soil on which it is produced, the Sicilian avocado has unique qualities and characteristics: the taste is sweet and delicate, the flesh is buttery and creamy. Depending on the season and availability, you will receive a specific variety of Avocado.  
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Navel Cara Cara Oranges 3,5KG BOX.

The Navel Cara orange is a spontaneous mutation of the Washington Navel orange. It is a variety originating from the Hacienda of Cara Cara in Valencia (a city in Venezuela). The skin is a deep orange colour and due to the colour of the flesh, this variety is also known as ‘Pink-fleshed Navel’. The flesh is very juicy and has a sweet taste with a cherry aftertaste. THE MORE YOU BUY, THE MORE YOU SAVE: CLICK HERE!
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Sicilian Cannoli Kit 20 mignon pieces with buffalo ricotta

Our cannoli takes you to... Catania! Our Sicilian cannoli, very easy to prepare, are the ideal solution for anyone who wants to take a break dedicated to goodness at any time of the day! Only genuine ingredients and carefully selected among the excellences of the Sicilian territory, can give life to the perfect kit to make delicious cannoli. The crunchy waffle evokes the apparently hard Etna volcano, but so irresistible that it cannot fail to conquer your heart. The delicate filling with a caressing flavor recalls the gentle curves of the sandy coasts of Catania, kissed by the Ionian Sea as a passionate lover would do.
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Bio Sicilian Vegetables

This week’s Mammarancia organic vegetable and greens box contains:
  • Organic Cucumber (500 g)
  • Organic Courgette (500 g)
  • Organic "Grappolo" Tomato (500 g)
  • Organic Aubergine (500 g)
  • Organic Red Peppers (500 g)
  • Organic Yellow Peppers (500 g)
Total weight 3KG Note: Mammarancia’s box of organic vegetables and greens is active from Monday to Thursday of the same week and will be dispatched according to the calendar you can find here! 👉🏼 Important information THE MORE YOU BUY, THE MORE YOU SAVE: CLICK HERE!
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