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Mammarancia at Sicily fest in London: a big party!

Mammarancia made its debut at the Sicily Fest at the Business Center in London, from 2 to 5 May, presenting the delicious Sicilian blood oranges. The festival, dedicated to Sicilian food and traditions, was the perfect opportunity to introduce the British public to the quality and taste of oranges. Every visitor was able to enjoy freshly squeezed Sicilian blood oranges, being won over by their intense flavour and freshness. Participating in the festival not only allowed the company to promote its products, but the team interacted with visitors, explaining the importance of the quality and origin of Sicilian oranges, as Carlo explains: <<Our main market is the European one: very attentive to quality, sensitive to customer management and above all looking for products strongly linked to the territory>>.

The greatest satisfaction was to see the enthusiastic reaction of the visitors as they tasted our Sicilian blood oranges. Each sip was accompanied by amazement and appreciation for the taste and freshness of the product. This positive feedback confirms Mammarancia’s success in bringing the authentic taste of Sicily to London and looks forward to offering even more juices to all lovers of good food and Sicilian traditions.