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Mammarancia and COVID-19


Due to the significant delays caused by the GLS courier, all international shipments will be exclusively entrusted to DHL.


For international shipments, given the health emergency and its continued expansion to other European countries, slowdowns in deliveries are expected. Unfortunately we cannot predict the seriousness of the situation, therefore we ask you to collaborate to speed up deliveries as much as possible.

For shipments to Italy, the offices in Bergamo, Albino, Cividino, Genoa, Bologna have been blocked, with the addition of Mantua and Piacenza: from today, no deliveries will be made in these areas.

Thank you!


Small orders, which can be managed and prepared by one person, will still be processed as usual during the other working days. In this way, we will decrease the processing times for Monday, days with more staff. Furthermore, the couriers do not guarantee, given the moment of chaos, the usual delivery times: we apologize in advance for any delays and we will remain at your disposal to speed up deliveries as much as possible.

For any doubt, do not hesitate to contact us by writing to info@test.mammarancia.com.


As you know, our country is making drastic choices to slow down the covid-19 infection as much as possible.

We also want to do our part: to decrease as much as possible the contact between the members of the Mammarancia team, we have decided that from today, March 10th, all orders received will be shipped the first Monday available. In this way, we will minimize the gathering both during the collection and preparation of the packages. All of this will remain in effect at least until April 3rd.

We underline that international shipping from our country does not represent a threat to public health.

We apologize for any inconvenience, we do it for the health of all of us.

If you want to stay up to date, please look at the World Health Organization website and follow the common rules to prevent the virus spread.

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