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Whole Sicilian Almonds in the Shell – ORGANIC

0.5 kg of Sicilian almonds in the shell.
An integral part of Mediterranean cuisine, these almonds can be eaten at every meal or as a quick snack that can be enjoyed at any time. Almonds from Sicily, thanks to the Mediterranean climate and the volcanic soils, contain a higher percentage of essential oils, which gives them a unique taste and exceptional nutritional properties.
The Sicilian almond has an extremely well-balanced taste and an intense aroma.

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    Almond contains a high percentage of proteins and vitamins B and E, in addition to magnesium, iron and calcium. Almonds are good for both the body and the mind. Here is a list of the main health benefits of Sicilian organic almonds: 1) They are a source of energy 2) They are a natural food supplement 3) They contain calcium for strong bones 4) They are an effective natural antioxidant 5) They combat free radicals 6) They contain good fats 7) They help to keep cholesterol levels under control 8) They are full of vitamin E 9) They boost your mood 10) And they taste really good to boot!