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Period:from December to April

Tarocco Bio Blood juicing oranges

For juicing, smaller but more succulent
Tarocco blood oranges from Francofonte have organic certification. This means that there is nothing else like them in the whole world, with their perfect balance of flavour, acidity and sweetness.
Their organoleptic properties are the result of the particular characteristics of the soil and the local micro-climate created by the Mt. Etna volcano.
The unmistakable red pigmentation appears in January, at times of thermal peaks, while at other times of year the pulp is mainly yellow.
This variety, being smaller than the table variety, is more suitable for making excellent orange juice.

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  • More information on this product

    Diameter: 65/70 mm This fruit has a particularly bright colour with intense shades of red. Each orange contains 40% more vitamin C than those grown in other regions and provides twice the recommended daily intake of vitamin C. Moreover these oranges:

    • boost the immune system
    • are a gem of a fruit, with no equal
    • have a superior taste
    • boost the immune system
    • fight free radicals
    • help fight all types of influenza
    • regulate the digestive system
    • protect the cardiovascular system
    • help prevent gastritis and ulcers
    • lower cholesterol
    • act as an anti-inflammatory and anti-tumour agent
    • are a natural medicine

  • Person

    750Gr / 3 oranges a day

    10Kg / 1 box biweekly

  • How many oranges to order?

    1 person should consume three oranges per day
    (whole or squeezed) to fully enjoy all the
    health benefits of this fruit.

  • Family

    3Kg / 12 oranges a day

    20Kg / 2 cassettesweekly