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Sicilian wild Oregano 40g

Bunch of dried Sicilian wild oregano. With a unique flavor, it is fragrant as if it has just been picked and is ready for the table, directly from our Francofonte hills. Handpicked and packaged with artisanal methods that guarantee the quality and persistence of the aroma over time.

Its strong and intense aroma has made it the best dressing of tomato sauce. But it is thanks to its use as a pizza dressing that oregano is popular all over the world today.

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    Oregano (Origanum vulgaris) is a fragrant aroma for use in the kitchen and contains valuable active ingredients that can exert an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant function in the body. It belongs to the lamiacea family and is an herbaceous plant that can reach a height of about 80-90 cm. Oregano for its delicious aroma is one of the cooks' favorite herbs: it is the condiment par excellence chosen by Sicilian housewives. It also goes very well with meat or fish dishes. BENEFICIAL AND MEDICINAL PROPERTIES The beneficial properties of Sicilian wild oregano have been known since ancient times. Oregano is attributed to properties that help people with respiratory problems. It is an excellent digestive aid, a natural antiseptic, and is excellent for treating toothache. OREGANO: CURIOSITY AND SUPERSTITION In the past, it was customary to give a bunch of oregano to girls who had suffered a strong disappointment of love, because it was thought to alleviate this type of suffering. It was also closed in bags and used as a talisman against bad spirits. Origin Italy-Sicily - No post-harvest treatment. The product is subject to weight loss. Do not expose to direct sunlight and keep in a cool and dry place.