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Sicilian Pomegranates – Wonderful

8 kg box

From our countrysides in Sicily, we collect the best Pomegranates: a juicy fruit, rich in vitamins and antioxidants, perfect to be squeezed.

After removing the crunchy skin covering it, you can find a juicy white or red pulp depending on the varieties, edible, covering a myriad of ovoid beans. At the top, the pomegranate is equipped with a crown of 4 or 5 petals.

The pomegranate juice is rich in antioxidant properties, perfect against the first falls of the autumn season. Pomegranate helps keep your body healthy and prevents aging through flavonoids, so a seasonal pomegranate should never be missing on your tables! It also helps lowering cholesterol levels and boosts the immune system.

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    The package contains fruit with weights varying from 400 to 800 grams, with slight epicarp defects. Cultivate in Italy, guaranteed by the highest quality standards. 

    • Sicilian pomegranates are the perfect allies for day-to-day wellness: Anti-aging fruit; Lower cholesterol; Strengthens the immune system; Natural remedy against seasonal influences; Antitumor.