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Sicilian Pistachio Pesto

Sciara Pistachio pesto reinterprets a classic of the Italian culinary tradition in a typically Brontese key. A versatile condiment, suitable for pasta first courses, tasty bruschetta, or delicious second courses. It can be used as a classic pesto, directly from the jar to the plate or to be enriched with sautéed onion, bacon and cooking cream to make a delicious Pistachio sauce. Simple and tasty ingredients make this artisan pesto unique: chopped pistachio, salt, oil, a pinch of pepper and nutmeg to make everything tastier.

The 190 grams jar of our Pistachio Pesto is useful to make up to 6 portions of pasta.

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    190g jar. Ingredients: Pistachio (60%) Sunflower oil Salt Pepper Nutritional values: for 100 g: Calories 752 KCAL / 3098 KJ Fat 75.9 g Of which saturates: 8.1 g Carbohydrates 4.5 g Of which sugars 2,5 g Protein 10 g Fiber 5.8 g Salt 0.8 g Shelf life: 18 months from the date of production. Keep in a cold and dry place. Once opened, consume quickly.