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Sicilian Pistachio Cream

From an artisanal process, free of preservatives and dyes, a delicious and delicate spreadable cream is born. An exquisite Pistachio cream in a practical 190 gr jar. Excellent on bread and perfect for filling cakes, crepes and for breakfasts full of flavor! A little Sicilian jewel capable of embellishing every snack or delighting every end of a meal. Ready, practical and spreadable. An indispensable product for every pistachio lover: artisan quality, unique and genuine taste.

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    Ingrediants: White cream [sugar, vegetable oil and fats (sunflower oil, fats: palm, palm kernel), skimmed milk powder (10%), whey powder, emulsifier (sunflower lecithin), flavoring (Vanillin)] Pistachio (35%) Nutritional values: for 100 g: Calories 601 KCAL / 2498 KJ Fat 44.61 g Of which saturated: 12.03 g Carbohydrates 37.56 g Of which sugars: 36.66 g Protein 10.85 g Fiber 3.00 g Salt 0.18 g per Serving (20 g) - Servings per package (9.5): Calories 120.2 KCAL / 499.6 KJ Fat 8.92 g Of which saturates: 2.41 g Carbohydrates 7.51 g Of which sugars 7,33 g Protein 2.17 g Fiber 0.60 g Salt 0.04 g Gluten free Shelf life: 18 months from the date of production. Keep in a cold and dry place. Once opened, consume quickly.