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Period:from January to March

Sicilian Cedar

The “bread” Cedar or Piretto Cedar (Citrus medica) is known as one of the best and tastiest cultivated cedars around. The albedo (the white inside) in fact constitutes up to 70% of the fruit and is juicy, therefore it is consumed together with the pulp. The “piretto” lemon citron has a tart flavor but sweeter than a lemon and is appreciated in salads and side dishes, or used in a myriad of preparations: from simple flavoring to the creation of candied fruit and distillation of liqueurs. Just think that over the years, especially in Southern Italy, this variety was grown in the open field, and people enjoyed the fruit in bites, exactly as one bites bread! It is probably from there that this variety was named.


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    The fruit, light yellow in color, can reach a size of 20-30 cm; it has a characteristic elongated shape with a slight protuberance at the peduncle. The peel is very rough and thick.  Origin Italy-Sicily - Cat. II - Cal. Mixed - No post-harvest treatment. Product subject to weight loss.

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    750Gr / 3 oranges per person

    10Kg / 1 cassette TWO WEEKS

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    A person should eat three oranges a day (whole
    or squeezed) to all
    enjoy the health benefits of this fruit.

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    3Kg / 12 ORANGES pro tag

    20Kg / 2 cassettes WEEKLY