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Sicilian Cannoli Kit 20 mignon pieces with buffalo ricotta

Our cannoli takes you to … Catania! Our Sicilian cannoli, very easy to prepare, are the ideal solution for anyone who wants to take a break dedicated to goodness at any time of the day! Only genuine ingredients and carefully selected among the excellences of the Sicilian territory, can give life to the perfect kit to make delicious cannoli. The crunchy waffle evokes the apparently hard Etna volcano, but so irresistible that it cannot fail to conquer your heart. The delicate filling with a caressing flavor recalls the gentle curves of the sandy coasts of Catania, kissed by the Ionian Sea as a passionate lover would do.

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    A handy kit to fill cannoli directly at your home. Small Sicilian cannolo without preservatives with buffalo ricotta filling. The kit includes: 20 pods, sac a poche, pistachio grains, almond grains. The product reflects the culinary tradition and typicality of the island, the cannoli is also without preservatives and chemical additives. The filling is made with the fine sweet buffalo ricotta which makes this product literally unique in its kind as it is normally stuffed with classic ricotta.