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Period:From January to March

Pink Grapefruit Available from January

The pink grapefruit (Star Ruby) is a fruit that is part of the citrus family, the skin has a yellow color with shades tending to pink while the pulp is a delicate pink color.

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    By purchasing our Sicilian pink grapefruit online, you will not have to give up the pleasure and freshness of freshly picked fruit, moreover, you will have the complete certainty of buying a quality product. Pink grapefruit is a very powerful ally for our health because it is rich in vitamin C, fiber, potassium, antioxidants, sugars, anthocyanins and carotenes. Ideal for your fresh juices and to fight the first autumn influences. Compared to yellow grapefruit, pink grapefruit has a higher concentration of anthocyanins and carotenes (antioxidant pigments), including lycopene (currently the subject of many studies due to its alleged antioxidant and antitumor characteristics). It is also considered an excellent digestive with diuretic, disinfectant and anticancer effects. The pink grapefruit is composed of 92% water, a hair more than watermelon. Great for staying always hydrated. A pink grapefruit is also a fundamental tool for our beauty: it makes the skin brighter and smoother and is able to fight against annoying youthful acne. Origin Italy-Sicily - Cat. II - No post-harvest treatment. Product subject to weight loss.