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Organic Blood Orange Marmalade

Organic Blood Orange Marmalade 250gr.
Blood Orange Marmalade is made only with Mammarancia oranges!
All the freshness and aroma of genuine Sicilian blood oranges, ready to spread on your bread. A completely natural product, 100% organic, made with Sicilian blood orange pulp (60%), Sicilian blood orange peel, lemon juice and cane sugar.
It’s made from unrefined produce to preserve all its nutritional properties and flavour.
From the tree to the jar.

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    An all-enveloping taste, rich in spicy notes and with ever changing nuances of favour. A concentrate of flavour and health, a healthy and delicious way to start each day. Try it on a golden slice of freshly toasted bread, on a crispy biscuit, or simply enjoy it by the teaspoon, as if it were a dessert. Our orange marmalade is also ideal with cheese. It enhances the flavour of the cheese and contrasts with it in an unforgettable way. Lose yourself in this enjoyable taste experience. Mammarancia and Rossasicily, a partnership founded on excellence. The products in our online store have been carefully selected, based on criteria such as the naturalness of the product and the level of craftsmanship involved in their creation. Nothing but the best! We sell only the best local produce.