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Period:from November to May

Nova Clementine

The Nova Clementine is a hybrid between the Orlando Tangelo and the common clementine.
This citrus fruit has very few pips and a delightful, slightly acidic, flavour, which gives it a taste rather like an orange.


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    The peel, an intense orange colour, is fine-grained and easy to remove as it is very thin and close to the fruit. The pulp has an intense orange colour and a high juice content. Contains a good quantity of juice, similar to the average obtained from fruit from the clementine and mandarin families. Smelling like mandarins, they have a high juice content and a very special taste that has a pleasant balance between acidity and sweetness. The Etna region, with its loose, fertile soil and mild climate, means that Sicilian clementines are much higher quality than those from other regions.

  • Person

    750Gr / 3 oranges per person

    10Kg / 1 cassette TWO WEEKS

  • How many oranges to order?

    A person should eat three oranges a day (whole
    or squeezed) to all
    enjoy the health benefits of this fruit.

  • Family

    3Kg / 12 ORANGES pro tag

    20Kg / 2 cassettes WEEKLY