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Period:October - November

Mandarine Primosole

It comes from early autumn sunshine, the Mandarin Primosole is the first to mature: a novelty that comes about two months earlier than all the varieties of oranges.

Its orange peel, fragrant, thin, comes off easily. This makes the Mandarin Primosole easy to peel by hand. Inside a firm and juicy, sweet and full of autumnal flavors.


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    Almost totally devoid of seeds and beloved by children, offers the best of itself tasted fresh. For its sweet and aromatic flavor, Mandarin Primosole also proves suitable for jams, juices and ice cream.

    The Mandarin Primosole is also rich in vitamins C, A and B, iron, magnesium, folic acid and is to all intents and purposes a super ally against colds.

    NB: our Primosole Tangerines have just entered the last phase of their ripening and now have an orange skin color.

    Origin Italy-Sicily - Cat. I and Cal. mixed - No post-harvest treatment. The product is subject to weight loss.

  • Person

    750Gr / 3 oranges per person

    10Kg / 1 cassette TWO WEEKS

  • How many oranges to order?

    A person should eat three oranges a day (whole
    or squeezed) to all
    enjoy the health benefits of this fruit.

  • Family

    3Kg / 12 ORANGES pro tag

    20Kg / 2 cassettes WEEKLY