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Flavored oils set

Discover the flavor of flavored oils thanks to our tasting set and receive a 100 ml bottle of each variant at home!

You can use them to give an extra touch to many dishes, from first courses to salads, from meat to fish.

The Flavored Oils set includes:

  • Orange oil: to give a citrus note to raw, cooked or sweet dishes and for marinating meat and fish
  • Lemon oil: to enhance meat, fish, salads, vegetables, raw or cooked dishes with the taste and scent of Sicilian lemons
  • Chilli oil: to be enjoyed on first courses and meat, for spicy lovers
  • White truffle oil: unique flavor that makes first courses, pizzas and meats tasty and refined.

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    Technical data sheet:

    • REGION: Sicily
    • ALTITUDE: 300-800 m. s.l.m
    • VARIETY: Nocellara dell’Etna and Cerasuola blend
    • COLLECTION SYSTEM: manual with facilitators
    • HARVEST PERIOD: 1st October - 30th November
    • EXTRACTION SYSTEM: continuous and cold system
    • FORMAT: 100 ml
    Chilli flavored oil:
    • BOUQUET: lively
    • TASTE: intense and spicy aroma
    • USE: main courses of meat, to be tried in the pasta with garlic and oil and capers, olives and cherry tomatoes
    Lemon flavored oil:
    • SCENT: fresh
    • AROMATIZATION TECHNIQUE: crushed lemon together with olives
    • TASTE: vigorous tone of Sicilian lemons
    • USE: raw, combine it with grilled vegetables, seafood salads, grilled meat and fish; to try with beef carpaccio or fish tartare
    Orange flavored oil:
    • SCENT: fresh
    • AROMATIZATION TECHNIQUE: crushed orange together with olives
    • TASTE: slightly acidic mark on the palate typical of orange
    • USE: ideal for marinating chicken, turkey or fish or to give a citrus flavor to salads (e.g. fennel)
    White Truffle flavored oil:
    • SCENT: persistent
    • TASTE: decisive tone
    • USE: to be tried raw on white pasta with parmesan, on sliced ​​beef with rocket and parmesan flakes or on pizza with mortadella and pistachio