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Extra-Virgin Olive Oil BIO


This extra virgin olive oil of the Nocellara Etnea variety has the following characteristics:

– The colour appears to be emerald green with light golden yellow lights;
– Our noses detect a light to medium green fruity effect with the perfume of artichokes, tomatoes, newly-cut grass and sensations of almonds;
– This oil affects our palates in a light and delicate fashion, slightly bitter as well as spicy

You will receive it in 1-liter cans.

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    The Zammara oil comes from “oleificio Russo”: after harvesting, olives are directly and smoothly handled by cold pressing, which makes extra virgin oils the most natural ones. Because of lightness and slightly bitter and spicy notes, together with a low degree of acidity, it is particularly suitable for feeding children from the earliest stages of their weaning. Owing to its high content of antioxidants, polyphenols and vitamin E, it is welcomed by those who prefer a light diet, salutary and rich in the beneficial effects for their health.

    The Nocellara Etnea

    This typical cultivar is to be found above all in the province of Catania, mainly in the municipalities of Belpasso, Paternò, Santa Maria di Licodìa and Ragalina in the territories of which it is spread over almost 95%. In these places where mechanization is complicated, the plants are minded and the fruits harvested between October and November by hand exactly as in olden times continuing over time the traditions throughout the millenniums that have made Sicilian olive oil a unique worldwide product.