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Extra-Virgin Olive Oil BIO


Zammara oil, an extra virgin olive oil of the Nocellara Etnea variety, comes from the Russo oil mill and is cold pressed: good, healthy and rich in beneficial properties for our body.

You will receive it in 1-liter cans.


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    This extra virgin olive oil has the following properties: - Emerald green color with golden yellow nuances; - The scent is light to medium fruity with aromas of artichoke, tomato, freshly cut grass and hints of almond; - This oil flatters the palate with a light and delicate taste, a gentle sharpness and a pleasant bitter note. Due to its lightness and mildly spicy note, this oil with its low acidity is also ideal for preparing meals for small children. The high proportion of antioxidants, polyphenols and vitamin E is suitable for everyone who prefers a light and healthy diet with the positive properties of extra virgin oil. Nocellara Etnea olives This typical variety of olives is mainly found in the province of Catania, mainly in the municipalities of Belpasso, Paternò, Santa Maria di Licodìa and Ragalina with a percentage of almost 95%. In these places where the use of machines is difficult, the plants are lovingly tended by hand and the fruit is still sorted and harvested by hand between October and November. Just like in ancient times and according to a millenary tradition that has made Sicilian olive oil a unique product in the world. After harvesting, the olives are gently cold-pressed, making the extra virgin oil the most natural oil. Average nutritional values per 100 ml: Energy value 824 KCAL / 3389 KJ Protein 0g Carbohydrates 0g Fat 91.6g of which: Saturated 13.8g / Monounsaturated 68.7g / Polyunsaturated 9.1g Cholesterol 0g