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Blood Orange Amara Liqueur

Blood Orange Amara Liqueur – 30% vol.
A natural bitters with a unique and intense zestfulness… Just like a Sicilian!
Mediterranean fragrances from Mt. Etna, hot wind and blood oranges: a declaration of love for Sicily, to be savoured drop by drop.

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    Organic blood orange peel in an infusion of aromatic herbs and sugar. From this perfect marriage of ingredients comes a digestif made from our cherished, golden blood oranges. Bitters with a clear, light colour and an inebriating fragrance produced in a totally natural way with no additives. Ideal with a fine meal, on a special occasion, or simply as a treat for the palette. Mammarancia and Rossasicily, a partnership of excellence. The products in our online store have been carefully selected based on criteria such as the naturalness of the product, our love for their land, and the level of craftsmanship involved in their creation. Only the best will do, only outstanding local products. Ingredients: Waterfall Alcohol Sugar Natural Flavors (infusion of blood orange peels and wild herbs)

  • Person

    750Gr / 3 oranges per person

    10Kg / 1 cassette TWO WEEKS

  • How many oranges to order?

    A person should eat three oranges a day (whole
    or squeezed) to all
    enjoy the health benefits of this fruit.

  • Family

    3Kg / 12 ORANGES pro tag

    20Kg / 2 cassettes WEEKLY