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Period:from December to April

Bio Tarocco Blood Oranges Available from December

Tarocco Sicilian blood oranges have organic certification. It is a fruit with an intense flavour and a perfect balance between sweetness and acidity. The genuine Tarocco from Francofonte has organoleptic properties, a unique scent and unique taste, thanks to the special features of the terrain and the local micro-climate created by Mt. Etna. The typical red pigmentation first appears in the month of January, due to this local micro-climate. At other times of the year, the pulp of Tarocco has a tendency to be light yellow in colour.

NB: in December, the pulp of the Tarocco is basically blond; the typical red pigmentation will begin at the beginning of January thanks to the marked temperature range.

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  • More information on this product

    These oranges have a bright colour with intense shades of red. Furthermore, the Tarocco orange, grown in Francofonte, has 40% more vitamin C than other fruit grown elsewhere. A single orange provides more than twice the recommended daily intake of vitamin C, and they also:

    • boost the immune system
    • are a gem of a fruit, with no equal
    • have a superior taste
    • fight free radicals
    • help fight all types of flu
    • regulate the digestive system
    • protect the cardiovascular system
    • help prevent gastritis and ulcers
    • lower cholesterol
    • act as an anti-inflammatory and anti-tumour agent
    • are a natural medicine

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  • Person

    750Gr / 3 oranges a day

    10Kg / 1 box biweekly

  • How many oranges to order?

    1 person should consume three oranges per day
    (whole or squeezed) to fully enjoy all the
    health benefits of this fruit.

  • Family

    3Kg / 12 oranges a day

    20Kg / 2 cassettesweekly