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Bio Lemons Femminello 10kg box

Organic Lemons 10 kg box

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Order your stock of Sicilian lemons now. Depending on the season you will receive:
The Primofiore variety:
In season: from January to mid-April and from October to the end of December
The Bianchetto variety:
In season: from mid-April to the mid-June
The Verdello variety:
In season: from June to September

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    The authentic taste of Sicily in a single fruit! Our lemons are grown naturally, in sun-kissed fields, in the shelter of Mt. Etna. They are extremely rich in vitamins and the perfect balance between acidity and sweetness gives them a really great flavour. A refreshing, healthy and delicious fruit that that will evoke the wonderful region of Sicily. Mammarancia lemons are the ideal ingredient in any recipe. Use them in desserts, to add flavour to your main courses, or simply enjoy them in small slices with a pinch of salt, just like the Sicilian farmers do every single day. Lemon is one of the symbolic citrus fruits of Sicily, the sunshine fruit, and is really good for your health:

    • It has anti-inflammatory properties
    • It is not actually as acidic as you probably thought, but it does help to keep the alkalinity levels in the body well balanced
    • It is a natural bactericide and disinfectant
    • It has beneficial effects on the liver and pancreas
    • It promotes blood flow
    • It prevents the formation of gallstones
    • It is rich in vitamin C that helps to strengthen the immune system
    • It is rich in vitamin A that helps to regenerate cells
    • It regulates the digestive system
    • It helps to treat rheumatism and arthritis