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10KG Baby Bio Tarocco Blood OrangesFree Shipping

The blood Tarocco orange from Sicily in baby size. Small in shape but big in taste! Our baby blood oranges are certified organic. They have a super juicy and very sweet flesh, which makes them perfect for preparing juices with a unique taste.


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    The real Tarocco Francofonte has organoleptic characteristics, smell and taste that are unique in the world, due to the peculiarities of the region and the temperature variations caused by Mount Etna. The typical red pigmentation appears in January due to the pronounced thermal deviations; at other times of the year, the flesh of the Tarocco is lighter in color. Baby Tarocco (50/60mm): The baby orange is good for preparing juices with a unique taste, since the pulp is juicy and very sweet; however, it is also suitable for the preparation of salads and original side dishes. The oranges are light in color and have intense red tones. In addition, the baby tarocco orange grown in Francofonte contains 40% more vitamin C than fruit grown in other places. Each individual fruit provides more than twice the daily dose of vitamin C required by the body and:

    • Strengthens the immune system
    • A unique, unmistakable jewel
    • For an outstanding taste experience
    • Strengthens the immune system
    • Helps fight free radicals
    • Helps fight various forms of flu
    • Regulates digestion
    • Protects the cardiovascular system
    • Prevents gastritis and stomach ulcers
    • Lowers cholesterol levels
    • Anti-inflammatory and tumor-inhibiting
    • A natural remedy
    Organic citrus fruits certified by Suolo e Salute according to EC Regulation CE834/2007 - Certificate of Conformity Reference No. 19-12075 of 02/13/2018 - IT-BIO-004. Origin Italy-Sicily - Cat. I - No post-harvest treatment. The product is subject to weight loss.