How the blood orange turns red

Mammarancia grows on the slopes of Mt. Etna.
It is actually the heat from the volcano that produces the red pigmentation.

  • 1. maturazione


  • 2. pigmentazione


  • 3. raccolta


From this process we get the mother of all oranges:
our Mammarancia


Healthier and more good

  • buccia


    Sweet-smelling and rich in nutritional properties, it is also excellent for making desserts and infusions. It has digestive and soothing effects and its essential oils have antioxidant properties that benefit the cardiovascular system, lowering cholesterol levels.

  • polpa


    Fragrant, compact and very soft, but not too watery, it melts in your mouth.
    It is the heart of the fruit and each segment gives off an irresistible bouquet of flavours and aromas.

  • succo


    Very sweet and fresh, it is rich in minerals and vitamins. It has digestive properties and helps to stabilise the digestion. It also acts as an alkalising agent (despite its slightly sour taste) and has anti-inflammatory properties.