Our citrus groves are in Francofonte, in the heart of Sicily, on the slopes of Etna. An area that, with its southern exposure of Etna, allows the sun, when it rises, to illuminate all the citrus groves in a homogeneous way.

Our fruits are grown in full respect of the environment and according to the principles of organic farming. Our trees grow on clods of earth mixed with pebbles and stones, a draining soil that releases the rainwater gently. Cultivation takes place on terraces, the best way to get all the benefits from the hilly terrain. This type of agriculture allows to create the perfect balance of penetration of liquids into the soil.

Of course! We exploit the natural fertility of the soil, without using synthetic or genetically modified products. Our oranges are bio certified. You can find out more about our BIO certification here.

The Sicilian blood orange is an icon and our oranges are red precisely because they are Sicilian! It is in fact the presence of the volcano that creates the temperature range that produces the red pigmentation. But Mammarancia oranges are of many types and varieties: Moro blood oranges, Tarocco and much more.

Of course: Feminello BIO lemons, Primosole tangerines, late Ciaculli tangerines, yellow and pink grapefruits, Piretto cedar BIO and Miyagawa from Sicily. All the best Sicilian citrus fruits, good, fragrant and rich in vitamins!

You can compose a mixed box with all the products you want. You can choose up to 10 to create your own personalized taste experience!

Shipping is free to Italy, Germany, and all the countries in the EU1 group.

They ship within 24 hours of harvest, so they arrive from the tree to your home in no time.

Virtually everywhere in Italy and Europe! Our oranges, for example, are in great demand in Germany! You can select the final destination on the cart, during the purchase.