• 24 hours from harvest to shipment

    Blood oranges with IGP and organic certification

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  • Grown in the hills of Francofonte

    A micro-climate found nowhere else in the world

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  • Each box contains a combination of tradition and innovation

    The true flavours of Sicily, handed down from generation to generation

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How the blood orange turns red

Mammarancia grows on the slopes of Mt. Etna.
It is actually the heat from the volcano that produces the red pigmentation.

  • 1. maturazione


  • 2. pigmentazione


  • 3. raccolta


From this process we get the mother of all oranges:
our Mammarancia

Our citrus fruit

Moro and Tarocco blood oranges, Navelina blonds, lemons, clementines and many more.
Our products are genuine and so tasty precisely because they are grown using environmentally-friendly methods and with quality as our ultimate goal.

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Products of Sicily

From jam to beer, and not forgetting the products used to make cosmetics, a wide range of products are available directly from the world of the orange.

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The Mammabox

Send as a gift, or buy for yourself, taste and quality in a box packed with irresistible products, available for immediate delivery. There are three options: the "Biobox", "Mammarancia" and the "Sun and Etna". Choose your favourite!

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The best of our island, selected by us for you

Not just citrus. Sicily has so much good to offer! We have chosen the best products, according to the criteria of excellence that guide our work: try them! It will be a journey through flavors that you will not forget.


Healthier and more good

  • buccia


    Sweet-smelling and rich in nutritional properties, it is also excellent for making desserts and infusions. It has digestive and soothing effects and its essential oils have antioxidant properties that benefit the cardiovascular system, lowering cholesterol levels.

  • polpa


    Fragrant, compact and very soft, but not too watery, it melts in your mouth.
    It is the heart of the fruit and each segment gives off an irresistible bouquet of flavours and aromas.

  • succo


    Very sweet and fresh, it is rich in minerals and vitamins. It has digestive properties and helps to stabilise the digestion. It also acts as an alkalising agent (despite its slightly sour taste) and has anti-inflammatory properties.


The most well-known, vitamin C, good for combating flu and seasonal ills, is not the only vitamin in our fruit. Every orange is also rich in vitamins A and B known, among other things, to promote the absorption of iron.

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