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Bronte’s pistachio: the secrets to recognize the original one

Bronte’s pistachio, a known and appreciated product in all world, able to make an impressive tasty experience. However, deception is always around the corner and what is sold as “authentic Bronte’s pistachio”, most of the time it isn’t. For this reason, we have decided to help you reveal the secrets to recognize the original one.

Be careful with the shape: regarding the shelled ones, the first signal to recognize the real Bronte’s pistachio is the shape. In fact, it has to be elongated, almost pointed. If it looks a bit rounded, surely it is not Bronte’s one. In the case of shelled pistachios, it has to have a concave shape and never with very pronounced extremities.

Observe the color: recognizing the true Bronte pistachio from the shape is already a step forward… but it is not enough. It will also be necessary to observe the color, focusing on the outer skin, which will appear with shades between purple and aubergine. The interior, on the other hand, will have an emerald green color, given by the high concentration of chlorophyll. The real Bronte’s pistachio will never be yellow, not even in the form of grains.

Feel the taste: if even the color and shape put you in difficulty, go straight to tasting. In fact, the Bronte pistachio tastes very close to sweet, never salty: the pistachio aroma is so strong that it does not require salting.

– Look for the designation “Green Pistachio of Bronte PDO”: if even the tasting was not enough, there is an even easier way to recognize the real Bronte pistachio: read the label. Do not trust generic terms such as “Bronte pistachio” or “Sicilian pistachio” but always look for the “DOP” designation, which will guarantee you the origin and quality of the product.