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4 perfect couplings with our flavored oils!

Today we want to recommend some dishes to enrich with our flavored oils.
There are pairings that are simply perfect like French fries with burgers or mozzarella with tomatoes.

Let’s see below what are the perfect pairings for 4 different flavored oils, all with a unique and recognizable flavor.

  • Orange flavored oil and… pork ribs: all lovers of pork ribs should try at least once in their lives to add a citrus note to appreciate even more the tenderness.
  • Lemon flavored oil and…seafood salad: a fresh and light dish to enjoy in the middle of summer. The seafood salad gives the palate unique sensations if seasoned with a lemon flavored oil.
  • Oil flavored with chili and…spaghetti alla puttanesca: a typical first course of Italian tradition characterized by the presence of garlic, olives and capers and spicy taste for the presence of chili. The latter can be replaced by a pepper flavored oil for a more delicate spiciness.
  • Oil flavored with white truffle and…pizza: the white truffle is good on pasta dishes and meat, but the best offers it sprinkled on pizza. The pizza that most exalts the unique taste of white truffle is the one with buffalo mozzarella and porcini mushrooms.

Have you ever tried any of these pairings? If the answer is no or if you want to repeat the experience, you can buy these four oils in one kit, clicking here.