Citrus’ Honey

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Unpasteurized biological honey coming from natural farming citrus groves.

The honey of Sicilian citrus is delicate and aromatic, comes from white flowers (zagare) and fragrant trees grown in a warm and fertile land. Citrus groves caressed by the breeze “blown” by the Etna volcano, which gives the same to each flower and to every fruit an intense and unique flavour.

The honey of Sicilian citrus is available in jars of 100 or 250 grams.



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Product Description

An extremely versatile product that can give unexpected tastes to each dish or drink. Perfect for a healthy breakfast, on bread or added to yogurt, milk and tea as a natural sweetener. Amazing paired with artisan cheeses, seasoned and slightly spicy: caciocavallo, pecorino, ricotta cheese. The refined Secret to enhance creams, smoothies, ice cream, frozen desserts, fillings.

The Sicilian citrus honey is also an incredible anti-inflammatory, rich in calcium and vitamins, helpful for insomnia and in case of anxiety.

Mammarancia and Biosolnatura, a partnership founded on excellence. We carefully select the products we offer in our online store, with a strict criteria based on the naturalness of the product and the artisan craftsmanship. Only the best. Only local excellence.

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