Mammarancia Salad

Mammarancia Salad

All the perfumes and flavours of Sicily convey in this unique, healthy and tasty dish! Here is Mammarancia salad. Let’s get a closer look at the recipe:


      • 3 Mammarancia Blood Oranges
      • ½ onion (Red or White, depending on your taste)
      • Some olives
      • 4-5 anchovies
      • A pinch of salt
      • Olive oil



      • Cut the red oranges in half and enjoy the smell and colours. Then, remove the peel with a knife.
      • Cut the pulp in some large pieces and put them onto the dish.
      • Cut the onion in half, remove the peel and cut it into small slices or mash it.
      • Add the minced onion and the oranges pulp to your dish.
      • Finally, decorate with olives, anchovies, olive oil and salt as you like.


Your salad is now ready!
A special thanks to Sicilian Forks for the video making.

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